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Things to know about Tahiti

Vacation Planning Suggestions for French Polynesia:

Tahitian Island life is very casual so pack light. Formal Attire is Resort Casual, for men a nice Hawaiian Shirt and a light pair of pants, and for women a nice sun dress. Short, T shirts, or bathing suits, and sandals is your daily uniform in French Polynesia.

Island Pareos or Black Pearls can be purchased on each Polynesian Island, some places are more expensive than others so shop around.

Most Resorts Supply Masks & Fins, but to protect your feet and more importantly the coral, Reef Shoes – rubber soled waterproof shoes to walk on coral, can be brought along if available. It is recommended never to touch live coral. When Snorkeling enjoy the view but don't touch.

Sunscreen is a must, and suntan lotion should be at least one level higher than used here. Try to find a good waterproof one.

Locally sunscreens and local Monoi tanning oils are available in most stores and boutiques. Local Pharmacies also carry other local skin products. After Sun Cream is a must on a Tahitian vacation, but you will want to purchase this before you go as imported items can be very expensive. Pack light but bring the essentials for protecting your skin. Tamanu is the local product in Tahiti for After Sun and quick Healing to bites or scratches.

Wide brimmed hat, basball caps of visors, and sunglasses are the best protection for your face. Bring along a pair you can take in the water.

A good book for beach and pool reading for spending lazy days on your Polynesian vacation.

Insect repellent – you will encounter mosquitoes on a Tahitian vacation. Also have a long sleeve shirt or light sweats if you spend alot of time outdoors after dark. Wet Season is from Mid October to April. Depending on the island and season you may never see a mosquito.

If you are sensitive to these insects than covering you skin with light cloth like a long sleeve t-shirt will do more to protect you than repellent.

Plenty of film and surplus batteries for cameras (maximum is 6 rolls per person). Digital Cameras hold the most images.

See if your camera will take a polarizer lense. If you have the opportunity to have control of light & color, you will take amazing pictures.

You will take more pictures than you expect, so don't lose memories by not bringing enough disc or stick storage or having extra batteries.

Underwater Cameras. Disposable types are good to bring, and expensive to buy locally. Recommend purchasing before you arrive in Tahiti.

International Adapter & Converters – French electric current (220 volts). Few resorts have 110 plugs but you still need adapter to plug in.

Alcohol is expensive on these Polynesian islands, we suggest bringing the allocated amount into Tahiti with you (1 liter spirits, 2 bottles of wine/champagne). Beer & Wine can be purchased locally in stores, but will be expensive at resort. Recommend a trip to store the day of check in to get some local supplies for bungalow. Hinano is the local beer, and Hinano logowear is a primary consumer item for many visitors.

Check for your own Visa Requirements for travel to Tahiti. You must have a passport valid for 6 months past your arrival date. No Visa is needed for US Citizens staying under 30 days. Click if you need a U.S. Passport or if you need a Foreign Visa.

We highly recommend purchasing a copy of Tahiti & French Polynesia Guide by Jan Prince - it's a great Tahiti travel guide book and is full of wonderful information useful for planning a Tahitian vacation and Polynesian vacation.
Tahiti Information - Things to know before you go to Tahiti
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